Bonnie Rich, LMT (she.her)

My philosophy is:

I don't believe in creating pain to alleviate pain.


My approach to massage is:

A marriage of relaxation with therapeutic, specific massage. The more relaxed you are, the more your body will be comfortable receiving massage therapy.

Who do I serve?
*Humans that suffer with headaches.
*Humans that have anxiety or panic disorders.
*Humans that are caregivers to everyone else but themselves.
*Pregnant folks.
*Humans in the LGBTQ+ community
*Everyone who self identifies as a woman.

*Licensed in Massage Therapy March 1999
*Certified in Pregnancy Massage, 2003
*Reiki Master, 2009
*Certified in Manual Lymph Drainage, 2016.
*Florida Massage License number MA# 28669

*Certified Phlebotomy Technician & Laboratory assistant

Priscilla head shot.jpeg

Priscilla G. Santiago (she,her)
Licensed Massage Therapist


I authentically care about people.  I honor others by listening to their bodies, their words, and even to what is not being acknowledged or spoken.  I choose each day to live with a grateful, open, hopeful heart and I allow that to bleed into every area of my life.  Faithfully sharing what I have been given is my personal definition of success.


When I practice self connection, self awareness, and self compassion I know who I am and what I have to offer.  And I feel passionate about massage and bodywork being one of the things I get to do in this life.  I am a lover of people, a lover of beach sunsets, and a lover of wholeness.

My approach to massage (and life) is:  


I desire to be and provide a safe space where people can trust and receive whatever it is they most need.


* Licensed in Massage Therapy February 2012

* Florida Massage License number MA # 67786

*Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish