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5 Ways to help your headaches in Orlando and Winter Park, Florida

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Do you suffer from tension headaches? Headaches can definitely affect your quality of life. They can make you grouchy and want to hibernate in a cold, dark room and sleep until the next day. Here's 5 ways that you can help alleviate or keep a headache at bay. 1-Have some type of food with you at all times. When you go long periods of time without any food, your blood sugar can drop which then brings on a headache. Try to keep some kind of snack with you at all times: nuts, fruit bars, granola, olives, or cheese.

2-Don't pull your hair back into a super tight ponytail. You know the kind of ponytail I'm talking about: the one that looks like you got an instant facelift. When you let your hair down at night, your ears move forward by 2 inches! If you must keep your hair pulled back, then try just pulling back the sides, to keep it out of your eyes.

There are lots of muscles that are just underneath your scalp. When you constantly pull your hair back and put it up with a scrunchie, it puts the muscles under tremendous pressure. Think about how many hours per day your hair is up like this!

Let your scalp musculature move with you during the day. 3-Drink water. Yes, I know it sounds cliche, but it really can help. When we get dehydrated this can sometimes cause a headache. For myself, I am more dehydrated during the winter months. During the summer I am acutely aware of how hot it is, so I constantly remind myself to drink water all the time. But when it's a gorgeous 75 degree day in January, I tend to forget my water! Keep water with you at all times, so you can sip it all throughout the day and evening. If you need the water to have some flavor, try putting in chopped berries, lemons, limes or oranges. 4-Apply an ice pack to the back of your neck When you feel a headache starting, put a cold pack on the back of your neck. Here's a great article explaining how this helps:

5-Get plenty of good, sound sleep. We, as a society, are walking around like zombies from being sleep deprived all of the time. Remember to turn off your screens at least an hour before bedtime, prepare for bed by taking a shower, reading, listening to music or meditating and then turn your lights off. You say your mind races after you lay in bed? Studies are now showing that it's worse if you stay in bed when you're restless; get up and read or do something relaxing and then crawl back in bed and try to get some sleep. Here's an article on how a lack of sleep can trigger migraines:

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