• Bonnie Rich

Help for your anxiety in Orlando, Florida

Do you have trouble turning off your brain at night? Do you tend to ruminate about past situations?

Anxiety can make your heart pound, make you sweat and not allow you to breathe as easily as you would like. I've dealt with anxiety all of my life. Here's a few things that help me.

1-Movement If I feel too "twitchy" and my nervous system won't allow me to calm down, moving my body helps me feel more centered. This can look like taking a walk, putting on an exercise video on YouTube and sweating, jumping on my mini trampoline (also called a rebounder), walking on a local labyrinth (you can google where to find one close to your home), or yoga. Try out different kinds of movement and see what works best for YOU. Do Yoga With Me is a great site that offers all sorts of free, online yoga classes. They are taught in a very user-friendly way and offer classes on chair yoga, yoga for round bodies, yoga to help with anxiety or sleeplessness and classes to help with particular body parts that you may be having issues with. www.DoYogaWithMe.com

2-Meditation There are lots of great meditation apps out there. Insight Timer, Calm, Headspace, Ten Percent Happier Meditation, Buddhify, Unplug, and Simple Habit are just a few that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet. My favorite is Insight Timer. Remember to turn off your notifications before meditating or you may get a ding in the middle of calming yourself!

3-Acupuncture I love acupuncture and have used it for all sorts of things. Community Acupuncture is a model for a clinic that offers acupuncture for a fraction of the price: they allow you to pay on a donation basis, typically anywhere from $20-$40 per session. This allows you to come in more frequently for chronic condition like anxiety or depression. They do this by working on multiple patients at the same time in a large room. The office I refer all of my clients to is Accessible Acupuncture in Orlando. They are located on E. Colonial near Dean Rd. You make your appointment online and pay when you leave. Bob Conrique is the physician and he's the best in town; please tell him I sent you! www.OrlandoAA.org is their website.

4-Massage Therapy Yes, I get massages as a massage therapist. I practice what I preach.

This is how I got into my profession: I was living through intense grief after my husband died. A woman in my young widows support group wouldn't let me leave the group without making me promise to take down her massage therapist's information and make an appointment. When I went in for my first professional massage, I noticed how much my brain calmed down. I felt supported and safe for the first time in a very long while. I asked her about massage school and two months later I signed up to a local training program; this was in June 1998. Massage therapy can help lower your blood pressure, help your heart rate slow down a bit, help you to breathe easier and can calm your nervous system. I'm always left feeling more grounded after getting a massage. I still feel just as safe and supported after each session, just as much as I did for my very first massage.

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