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Items to bring when you give birth in Orlando FL

Lots of soon to be parents have a "Go Bag" by the door when baby is ready to make their appearance in the world. In case you need suggestions, keep reading.

First, we suggest calling your hospital or birthing center to see what they provide. Then below you'll find a list of a few things in case you may have missed something. The name of the game is COMFORT! *a soft comfy blanket (but put it away when things get messy!) *cheap flip flops or slippers that can be thrown away after you get home. Use these for showering and walking around. *a small nightlight can be very comforting. * a fan on a tripod, because you'll get sweaty working that hard. The tripod can be attached to the bed. *cosmetic bag and toiletry essentials.

*a pillow, possibly one that can be thrown away when you leave the hospital. Hospital pillows can be SUPER uncomfortable. *nursing bra *a comfy robe that will be easy to breastfeed, if you choose to do so, and PJ's.

*Pads, underwear, peri bottle, wipes, swaddles, burp rags. *adult diapers

*lots of water (so you don't have to wait for nurses to bring yours) and snacks, especially if you have allergies or the hospital food isn't great. * a 10 foot phone charging cord. Hospital rooms often don't have electric sockets nearby and you'll want to take lots of photos. *maybe a strip of white LED lights to hang around the white board in your room, to help create a calming ambiance. #birthingexperience #pregnancymassage #OrlandoFlorida #OrlandoFL #DowntownOrlando #WinniePalmerHospital #AdventHealth #birth #baby #NewbornBaby #PackYourBag #PeriBottle #BirthingCenter #MaternityWard

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