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Prenatal Massage in Orlando | Prenatal Massage in Winter Park | Prenatal Massage in College Park

So you're pregnant! Yay!

But you're having sore hip joints. You haven't slept in days because you can't find a comfortable position. Your neck and shoulders are screaming at you; those areas normally give you trouble but now it's even worse.

Your calves are cramping at night and it's hard to jump out of the bed quickly at this stage of the game. Your toddler still wants to be picked up and she/he can't understand why Mommy can't pick her/him up as much as she used to.

And you've still got to perform your job and if you could just get some rest THAT WOULD BE GREAT.

I get it. I really do.

I've been certified in Prenatal (or Pregnancy) Massage since 2002. I've, quite literally, worked on thousands of pregnant women by now.

I also offer a custom made massage table which has cut outs for the breasts and belly so Moms can lay FACE DOWN for your session.

Yep. You can lay face down and be completely supported and comfortable.

Hello belly sleepers, who haven't been able to sleep this way since she got pregnant!

You see, in the cut out for the belly, there is a "sling" or "hammock" of sorts. This supports your belly and the ligaments that support you and your low back; this keeps you from falling through the hole, giving you sway back. I can give you more slack or cinch it up closer to your belly, giving you as much or as little support as you need. I can change the support as your belly expands, too. This allows me to work on women as long as they need. I've even worked on women that are 1 or 2 weeks overdue and they have still been completely comfortable (not that I'm wishing being overdue on anyone!).

Added to that, I always keep a comfy, cozy robe in my office, should you need to use the restroom in the middle of your session (which is just a few steps away from my office). I've got you covered.

Prenatal massage comes in either 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute sessions. I also offer packages of sessions, which gives you a price break on each massage, so that you can care for yourself throughout your entire pregnancy. These can be used before, or after, you have your baby. These make great gifts to you from your family! *Wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

Every session also includes the use of warm, steamy towels on the back and/or feet (whichever is more appropriate for your treatment).

Remember: Prenatal Massage is more than a treat. It's a treatment.

If you haven't been able to get a decent nights sleep, you can always add an Extended Rest session to your massage. You can add 30 minutes of time to your massage, so that you can get some wonderful sleep! I will turn down the lights, give you extra pillows if you need and I'll leave you so that you can rest to your hearts content. Don't worry about the clock; I'll come back in and gently wake you. 30 minutes is only $20 extra.

There is one thing that I ask: if you are a high risk patient, or are having a high risk pregnancy, please get a note from your health care provider before scheduling your massage session. I want to support you in the best way possible and will never take risks with you and your pregnancy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me for a free consultation at 407-733-1783.

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