• Bonnie Rich

Massage Memberships in Winter Park and Orlando

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Yes, you read that right: Massage or Knot now offers memberships. What's the advantage of having a monthly membership plan with Massage or Knot? *You get consistent massage and bodywork at a discounted rate. *You can "stay on top" of chronic issues you have with your body. *You pay the same rate for other massages needed during the month.

*10% off retail items. *Each quarter enjoy a complimentary 15 minutes added to one massage session. *If sessions aren't used they will be kept on your account. *Unused sessions can be converted to gift certificates. *No contracts. Just give us 30 days notice to cancel or put your membership on hold. *With Massage or Knot, you get complimentary:

essential oils added to your massage cream whenever you choose, hot packs, warm bamboo, and massage cupping (unlike corporate massage chains that charge extra for these perks). *The same massage therapist every month that you can count on. *Knowing that you're contributing to the health of a locally owned small business.

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