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What do I get from an $85/60 minute massage in Orlando Florida?

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Our 60 minute session (Therapeutic, pregnancy massage and Reiki) is $85.

What exactly do you get for $85?

*A massage from me, who has been been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1999. I am also a former teaching assistant at a local massage school.

*A session that is COMPLETELY customized to the issues you're having (i.e.-no "cooking cutter" massage). You want your entire session spent on your upper body? No problem. Feel more comfortable leaving your clothes on during the entire time? We support you.

*A full, 60 minute massage. Not a 50 minute massage with 5 minutes for us to discuss your health issues and 5 minutes for you to get up after your session.

*For pregnant women, you will receive a massage from someone who has been certified in prenatal massage since 2003; I have worked on literally thousands of pregnant women.

*Easy access to an online scheduling system 24/7.

*A session performed in a safe and clean massage office. My office is located in the large office complex on Maguire Blvd across the street from Fashion Square; the building is automatically locked after 5pm on weekdays and on the weekends, so you're safe in my office. I am also a trained phlebotomist and medical laboratory assistant, which means I disinfect my office to the same degree as when I worked in local hospitals. Fresh, clean sheets are used for each and every client and every surface that is touched is wiped down with disinfectant wipes.

*Ample time before and after your session to sit and have water or a hot cup of tea; you will never be rushed out of my office.

*A clean robe to use, should you need to get up during your massage to use the restroom. It happens!

*A charging station, should you need to charge your devices during your session. I invite you to turn off your phone during your massage!

*A choice of filtered water, hot tea, or cold sparkling water post massage.

*Me being 120% present during your session. I schedule myself 45-60 minutes between each session so that I have ample time to stretch, rest and eat healthy food so that I can be present for YOU.

*Knowing that you are doing business with a women-owned small business and you are contributing to the health of your local economy!

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