• Bonnie Rich

What is Manual Lymph Drainage?

This is a gentle technique which was created to encourage the natural drainage of lymph from the tissues of the body. Lymph is a colorless fluid. You'll notice it if you've sprained your ankle and it swells as a result; the swelling around the ankle is the lymph fluid. There are lymph nodes in the neck, arm pit and groin regions of your body; the nodes help your body naturally maintain an even level of lymph fluid. When these lymph node sites get overwhelmed or damaged through surgery, the result will be swelling in those particular areas. The lymph fluid needs a path to reduce the swelling and drain into the nodes. To do this, lymph needs stimulation by movement, exercise or with the help of a specially trained and certified MLD specialist. Using very light and rhythmic pressure, the therapist will help to drain the swollen tissues. The lymphatic system plays an extremely important role in the immune functions of the body; it is the first line of defense against disease. It contains a high number of white blood cells that fight infection. MLD is performed in a series of multiple sessions at least 3 times per week initially to "get on top" of the swelling that you're experiencing and to encourage the drainage of this excess fluid. Bonnie Rich is a certified MLD therapist for the following conditions: sinus inflammation, seasonal allergies, ankle sprains, post op surgery, and carpal tunnel due to pregnancy. You can call for a free consultation at 407-733-1783 or book your appointment here.

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