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Can minors receive a massage in Orlando Florida?

Young people are dealing with SO MUCH at this moment in time.

It's always been challenging but with a pandemic, virtual school, possibly losing a family member to COVID, etc it adds up quickly.

If your child has issues with disordered eating, anorexia or bulimia or is recovering from a traumatic experience, this presents other challenges, too. How does this manifest itself in the body? Stomach aches, headaches, sleep issues, frequent illness, difficulty concentrating are just a few ways it may look in your young person.

Your child can definitely benefit from massage and we absolutely work with young people. But we require a parent or guardian to be in the room during the entire session. Getting a massage can help with calming the nervous system, leaving them feeling more grounded.

It can also be helpful to people that are learning to love their bodies again. We recommend that a shorter massage is better for young people, at least to start with. A 20 or 30 minute chair massage is great or perhaps even a 45 minute table massage. For someone that is dealing with the emotional fallout of some type of traumatic violence or abuse, a chair massage might be best. Since they will remain fully clothed this might feel safer to the client.

If you'd like to discuss this, feel free to talk with us at 407-733-1783. Ready to schedule a session for them? Schedule online at:

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